Euphoria Vocals Vol 1


Euphoric Wave Euphoria Vocals Vol 1 is a pack ideal for anyone interested in making a very emotional and heartfelt song. It contains 25 full vocal tracks (Dry and Wet versions), many of which have multiple takes, adlibs, harmonies, and doubles, making them very flexible as to how they can be utilized. The MIDI files contained within can also be used as assistance.

25 full vocal tracks

Making a song that would touch your audience deeper than the surface is a really hard task to pull through. Euphoric Wave Euphoria Vocals offers you 25 melodic and heartfelt vocals (32 bars) that will be your guide into creating something unique and special, a piece of yourself.

Dry Euphoric Vocals.wav 25 
Wet Euphoric Vocals.wav 25 
Dry Harmonies.wav 13 
Dry Doubles.wav 
Midi files.mid25

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150BPM – key labeled vocals

Each and every vocal within the pack is focused around 150bpm, making them ideal for some of the most emotional-based genres such as hardstyle, future bass, pop, and indie. There’s also at least one vocal for every key (every sample is key-labeled). You will find what you’re looking for in this pack.

MIDIs, dry & wet, and harmonies

If you’re troubled as to how you could build a song around one of the samples, there’s a solution for that as well. MIDI files are also included for their corresponding vocals. Not only that, each vocal has both a Dry and a Wet version (and some even have backing harmonies too!), for you to get ideas on the processing or experiment on them by yourself.

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  1. Lucas V

    Amazing vocals, the dry versions are extremely clean. The provided MIDI files are very useful to get started with 🙂

  2. Christos C

    Loved it, the vocals sound very atmospheric and emotional, really helped me on my psy track production that was stuck and was waiting for a vocal

  3. J hoekstra

    There wasn’t one vocal that didn’t work, would 100% recommend

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