Hardstyle Kick FX Pack


Euphoric Wave Hardstyle Kick FX pack is a pack that will help you find a lot of useful samples and tools to get your song sounding as close as possible to the pro standards. There are 125 kick fxs of all keys that can be used in a wide variety of contexts such as pre-drop, climax filler, or tension risers.

125 Hardstyle Kick FXs

Kick FX have been around since the very beginning of hardstyle and played a big role in defining the signature sound of the genre. The FX samples in this pack are some of the freshest and most refined sounds that you can find around.

EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_A.wav 10  
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_A#.wav 13
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_B.wav 9
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_C.wav 10
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_C#.wav 8
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_D.wav 11
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_D#.wav 10
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_E .wav 9
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_F .wav 
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_F#.wav 10
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_G.wav 11
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_G#.wav 8
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_X.wav 8

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Key labeled for faster results

Every sound is labeled by its key, allowing you to quickly choose the right sample that fits into your project. All samples of the same key are placed in the same folder.

An abundance of possibilities

The contents of this pack can be used in a variety of occasions. There’s a sound to fulfill each and every of your needs. If you’re looking for a pre drop fill, an empty space placeholder, a tension maker, you can find samples in here.

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