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Hardstyle Kick FX Pack 2

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Euphoric Wave Hardstyle Kick FX Pack 2 is filled with 1200+ drag-and-drop ready kick FX samples. Use the files in your predrops, climaxes, mid-intro’s, or anywhere else in your track. With 100 kick FXs and project files included, your creative potential is boundless!

1200+ kick FX samples

This pack includes a whopping 1200 essential files (2GB in total!) to enhance your hard dance tracks. With 100 Kick FXs in all keys, you can add depth and character to your next production. This pack won’t fail you! 

Preview files are rendered in 192kbps

EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_A.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_A#.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_B.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_C.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_C#.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_D.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_D#.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_E .wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_F .wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_F#.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_G.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_G#.wav 100
EW_Hardstyle_Kick_FX_X.wav 10

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Chop, combine and mix

As all kick FXs are rendered in all keys, you can easily split them, combine them and mix them together to create alternative patterns. There are no limits with this pack!

Template files included

Next to the standalone kick FXs, you can also make use of the template files which are included. This template includes all the 100 kick FXs in this pack. Learn from them or make your own; there are endless possibilities.

Only available for FL Studio 20.9.4+


All samples are .WAV audio files, rendered at 16Bit 44.1khz, which is the industry standard for samples.

Yes, you can use these samples in your track however you like!

Software: FL Studio 20.9.2 or higher.
Required plugins: Stock plugins, OTT, SerumFX, Trash2, Fabfilter Pro-Q3, Misstortion2.
Recommended plugins: Fabfilter Pro-R, ValhallaRoom, Echoboy

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