Hardstyle Screech Preset Pack


Euphoric Wave Screeches Preset Pack is a preset pack that contains 70 of the most powerful screeches for all hard dance genres. All of the presets were made using Serum and Sylenth1, making it easy for you to use and tweak as you wish. The pack also contains all of the mixer state files (mixer tracks, delay and reverb buses) for you to use as a reference and base your sound design upon.

70 screech presets

One of the most important components when making hardstyle, rawstyle and hardcore are screeches. You need them to make your track sound aggressive and energetic. With Euphoric Wave hardstyle screech pack you have the chance to do that. With a total of 70 screech presets, you can skyrocket the sound of your song, achieving industry standards.

Serum Screeches Presets.fxp35 Serum
Sylenth1 Screeches Presets.fxp35 Sylenth1
Sylenth1 Soundbank.fxbSylenth1
Delay Buses.fstFL Studio Native Plugins, OTT, Echoboy v5.3.2,
Reverb Buses.fstFL Studio Native Plugins, OTT, Valhalla Room v1.5.1
Mixer Tracks .fst4  FL Studio Native Plugins, Camelcrusher, OTT, Kickstart 

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Serum & Sylenth1

All of the presets were made using serum and sylenth1 (35 each), two very powerful sound designing VST plugins. This way you have the freedom of choice to use presets for your favorite VST.

Maximum flexibility

The pack also contains mixer files, reverb buses and delay buses (FL Studio 20.0.1 or newer). These will help you to understand the methods of hardstyle mixing and sound designing. You can use the mixer files as a reference to get an idea of the screeches’ maximum potential.

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