Hardstyle Sylenth1 Preset Pack 2

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Coming as an improved and renewed version of its predecessor, EW Sylenth1 Hardstyle Preset Pack Vol 2 comes with 90 powerful new presets, utilizing the plugin’s potential to the maximum. Together with a Sylenth1 Kick project and a kickstarter template, this pack is your to-go pack for Hardstyle Production.

90 majestic Sylenth1 presets

EW Sylenth1 Hardstyle Preset Pack Vol 2 is a direct follow-up to the previous hardstyle preset pack that you loved with 90 Sylenth1 presets. Evolving the sounds from its predecessor, this pack has some delicately designed sounds that aim to sound industry ready, minimizing the effort you will have to put on to reach a maximum result.

ChordsSylenth111 .fxp
Kick AttackSylenth17.fxp
Kick TailSylenth16.fxp
Reese BassSylenth13.fxp
Sound BankSylenth11.fxp
Delay Mixer StateFL Studio Native Plugins, EchoBoy, OTT8.fst
Reverb Mixer StateFL Studio Native Plugins, Valhalla Room, OTT8.fst
Kick TemplatesFL Studio Native Plugins, Sylenth1, Oxford Inflator, iZotope Trash 2, CamelCrusher, Fabfilter Pro Q3, Fabfilter Pro L2, Valhalla Room, OTT1.flp
Starter TemplateFL Studio Native Plugins, Sylenth1, Fabfilter Pro Q3, dBlue Glitch, Valhalla Room, EchoBoy1.flp

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Sylenth1 kick project

Having questions as to how you can make your own kicks or are you in need of something fresh that no one else has done before? The pack contains a kick template that you can use as a starting point to learn the process of making kicks, learning how to distort, layer and give your kicks the necessary ambience that they need, without pain.

Kickstarter project included

It’s not just kicks hardstyle producers find a hard time making. Sometimes even starting the song itself is a painful process and you might come across a massive writer’s block attempting to do so. Fear no more. Keeping the best for last, the preset pack also contains a kickstarter template.

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2 reviews for Hardstyle Sylenth1 Preset Pack 2

  1. Valentin Strobel (verified owner)

    The pack is absolutely fire! The presets are really good to use!

  2. danniedudley21

    Please make more Sylenth 1 melodies these are honestly fire we need a vol 3 with more Leads and chords 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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