Hardstyle Vocal Pack 1


Euphoric Wave Hardstyle Vocals 1 is a must have pack if you are into hardstyle and hard dance genres. It contains 14 complete vocal tracks with three versions per track, allowing you to choose the amount of processing you want to do.

14 complete vocal tracks

With 14 complete vocal tracks and three different versions per track, this pack guarantees that you will find what you’re looking for. Simply drop one of the 14 patches into your project, and you’re ready to go.

Dry Hardstyle Vocals.wav 14 
Processed Hardstyle Vocals.wav 14 
Wet Hardstyle Vocals.wav 14 
Individual Vocal Phrases (Dry).wav 142 

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Three versions available

All vocals have been professionally recorded in a monitored environment. What’s more, they have been carefully processed so that they will not cause you any issues when you use them in your projects. In this pack you can choose between dry, processed, or wet versions for complete flexibility!

140+ vocal phrases included

There are 142 vocal phrases included if you feel that a complete vocal isn’t what you’re into. Slice, edit, use it as a predrop, be creative with these!

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