Hardstyle Vocal Pack 2


Ever felt the need of having vocals in your hardstyle production? Well, here we are – bringing you the second edition of the hardstyle vocal packs. This time covering MC Style Vocals from the amazing vocalist Uni V. Sol. Hardstyle Vocal Pack 2 contains 16 complete MC Style vocal tracks.

16 complete MC vocal tracks

Have you ever come across a vocal that is almost what you wish for but doesn’t have that groove and energy that you need? With Hardstyle Vocal Pack 2 that shouldn’t be a problem. It contains 16 complete and fast paced, energetic vocal tracks.

Dry MC Hardstyle Vocals.wav 16 
Wet MC Hardstyle Vocals.wav 16 
Processed MC Hardstyle Vocals .wav 16 
Vocal Phrases .wav 34 

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Triplets and 4/4s

A lot of the tracks contain two different rhythm versions, a 4/4 beat, and a triplet rhythm signature, allowing you to painlessly add it to your project without worrying much about quantizing it.


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