Substructure Hardstyle Kicks 1

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Euphoric Wave Substructure Kicks Vol 1 is a fresh pack that contains over 400 cutting-edge samples that cover all sorts of styles that will provide a distinct sound and tone to your track. The pack will help you create the best climaxes possibly and also offer you the chance to create your very own kicks and hence distinguish yourself in the industry. 

400+ samples in total

Your kick is the most valuable asset of your hardstyle song. It’s what defines the song, what gives it character, aggression, and what will forever mark the memories of your listeners. This pack comes with 50 mid-intro kicks, 20 climax kicks, 30 hard psy kicks, 35 punches, 30 regular kicks and 20 reverse bass kicks.

Climax Kicks.wav 240 (20 patches – E1 to D#2)
Mid Intro Kicks .wav 50 
Psy Kicks.wav 30 
Punches.wav 35 
Regular Kicks.wav 30 
Reverse Bass Kicks.wav 20 

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20 climax kicks included

Perhaps the strongest feature of the pack is the climax kicks. There are 20 different kicks in total and every kick has 12 samples, one for each key. These kicks cover a wide variety of different styles such as hard-hitting kicks, or the more traditional kicks. One thing is for sure: this pack will help you create your best climax to date.

Start building.

This pack not only gives you samples that are ready for professional use but also gives you the chance to create your own. The punches that are included can be a great starting point to further develop your signature kick samples and separate your sound from other producers. The potential is immense, you just need to embrace it.

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5 reviews for Substructure Hardstyle Kicks 1

  1. Michél (verified owner)

    Wow Amazing Kicks! Great!

  2. Marco (verified owner)


  3. Nguyen (verified owner)

    High quality kick pack!!

  4. Mathias Weinberger (verified owner)

    Very good and high quality kicks i don’t regret buying this pack it’s worth every penny.

  5. Yoel Guzman (verified owner)

    I started making Hardstyle a couple months so I needed brand new updated kicks. This pack comes with a ton a kicks that will last me for a while to come. Not only that but they give you punches to add if you wanna cut of the one that comes with the kick. These kicks are definitely hard to come by and for the price and amount of kicks. Unbeatable and sound quality is amazing! 10/10

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