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Euphoric Wave delivers high quality sample packs and other tools for producers. Find new inspiration or boost your production skills.


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We got all the tools you need. Whether you are a starting producer or a professional.

Sample Packs

Get access to the best and most unique samples available in the EDM industry. Euphoric Wave’s samples have been used by big artists in the music scene.

Preset Packs

Our presets brings to you some truly astonishing sounds for Hardstyle and other genres. The presets are easy to modify and fit in your track instantly!

MIDI Packs

Try our MIDI packs to boost your creativity. These are inspired by the biggest EDM artists. Drag & drop, adjust and you're on the right path.


Get insights on big, complex music projects. Gain knowledge about lead processing and other aspects of the creation of music.


Trusted by top label artists.


“Euphoric Wave is such a good place to find something to kick off your creativity to create the next piece of your music. ”


''Euphoric Wave always provide those next level sounds to take your productions to the next level, will be using alot of their vocals in my upcoming tracks!''


''Euphoric Wave's samples are really a game changer in my opinion. I always find a way to mess around with their samples to create something unique that sounds good. Always a treat to work with them!''

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