Hardstyle Vocal Pack 3


Hardstyle vocal pack 3 is a must-have pack if you’re making cinematic and atmospheric-themed hardstyle, or any other genre, songs. The pack contains 13 complete vocal tracks of all sorts of themes as well as 21 climax vocals and 109 vocal phrases. All of the contents come in Dry, Wet and Processed versions for you to pick and choose.

13 cinematic vocal stories

Euphoric Wave Hardstyle Vocal Pack 3 is yet another edition of the hardstyle vocal packs that you’ve loved. The pack contains 13 complete vocal tracks focused around atmosphere and with a very strong cinematic aesthetic.

Hardstyle Vocals Dry.wav13 
Hardstyle Vocals Wet.wav 13 
Hardstyle Vocals Processed .wav 26 
Climax Vocals Dry.wav 42 
Climax Vocals Processed .wav42 
Vocal Phrases*.wav 109 

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Dry, processed, or wet

Each vocal track contains three versions Dry, Wet, and Wet Processed. If you’re interested in completely doing the processing and tuning on your own you can opt for the dry version and go for it. All of the processing has been carefully done using special delay and reverb techniques and focusing around creating the best possible atmosphere for you.

Extra climax vocals and +100 phrases

Sometimes using a whole vocal track might not be needed. Just a single vocal phrase can act as a pre-drop vocal to create the dark or motivational character you’re looking for. To make this possible, this pack has over 100 chopped samples of the vocal tracks.

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