Aurora Atmospheres Vol 2

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Euphoric Wave Aurora Atmospheres Vol. 2 is the newest edition of your so loved atmospheric pack series. It brings you a total of 124 samples in Major and Minor scales of all keys that will make your task of creating a unique sound design for your song a whole lot easier. You only have to drag and drop the samples into your project and start the magic.

Over 120 landscape atmospheres

Being a producer, you always want your track to stand out from the rest and have a deep and profound impact to your listeners. However, achieving so is not an easy task and this is why the newest edition of Euphoric Wave Aurora Atmospheres was born.

Major Scale Atmospheric Samples .wav 43 
Minor Scale Atmospheric Samples.wav 81 

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Synthesized doesn’t mean lifeless.

The pack contains some state-of-the-art granular synth beds, pads, arpeggios and sequences in all keys that easily blend with any other sound in your song. While the forefront melodies might be the attention catcher, they just wouldn’t work without a strong background and that’s exactly what this pack guarantees to offer: A radiant and colorful sound for you and your audience.

No genres, no limits.

Unlike most of similar packs in the market, Aurora Atmospheres Vol 2 is not genre based. This means that the sounds contained in the pack were designed so that they can match any genre, any mood and any tempo signature. Whether you are making a very aetheric chillwave song, a deep cinematic score, an emotional pop/trap track or a rhythmic, yet significantly atmospheric dance dj tool you will surely find fitting sounds in this pack.

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1 review for Aurora Atmospheres Vol 2

  1. Christos C.

    Excellent granular synths in this one i loved how the major pads fit into my song and really gave a deep voice behind my guitar play. loved it

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